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10th Annual Lunch With The Entertainment Greats 2007!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

070814GDLynnBarsalou7494Crop.jpg (78249 bytes)

George with Singer/Songwriter Lynn Barsalou

070814GDJBaptisteKmonMidura7561.JPG (70232 bytes)

George with Joe Baptiste, Richie Kmon and the World's Greatest Clarinet Player, Richie Midura

070814GDJerryLynnBarsalou7604Crop.jpg (83612 bytes)

George with Jerry and Lynn Barsalou

070814GDMelikianKmon7493.JPG (75652 bytes)

George with Business Agent Dick Melikian and Richie Kmon

070814GDAlNobleKmon7497Crop.jpg (96407 bytes)

George with Grammy Award Winning Al Noble, and Richie Kmon

070814GDPhilDLynnBarsalou7606.JPG (61610 bytes)

George with Radio Legend Phil D and Singer/Songwriter Lynn Barsalou

070814GDRayHershelFrankKnight7545.JPG (61763 bytes)

George with News Anchor Ray Hershel and Frank Knight

070814GDRayHershelFrankKnight7544.JPG (60190 bytes)

George with News Anchor Ray Hershel and Frank Knight

Frank is attempting to rewrite tonight's script.

070814GDBarbaraHeissler7619.JPG (59428 bytes)

George with Radio Host Barbara Heissler

070814GDJanLessin7529Crop.jpg (75290 bytes)

George with CSC-TV Program Director Jan Lessin

070814GDKenKostek7585.JPG (71323 bytes)

George with Photographer Ken Kostek

070814GDKenMorey7597.JPG (55693 bytes)

George with "The Lone Arranger" Ken Morey

070814GDFrankKnightCalMcClain7615.JPG (54104 bytes)

George with Frank Knight and Cal McClain

070814GDBillRichKoszewski7563.JPG (73741 bytes)

George with Bill and Rich Koszewski

070814GDKenMoreyCharlieCatania7536Crop.jpg (89149 bytes)

George with Musicians Ken Morey and Charlie Catania

It appears that Ken Morey is ready for desert.

070814GDMitchKupiecLynnBarsalouMikeWiater7554.JPG (60400 bytes)

George with Mitch Kupiec, Lynn Barsalou and Mike Wiater

070814GDMitchKupiecMikeWiater7548Crop.jpg (74120 bytes)

George with Radio Host Mitch Kupiec and Musician Mike Wiater

070814GDMichaelLevreault7590.JPG (71031 bytes)

George with Artist Michael Levreault

070814GDKmon7491.JPG (81347 bytes)

George with Richie Kmon

070814GDDickBooth7555.JPG (79923 bytes)

George with Dick Booth

070814GDMelikianKmon7492.JPG (72279 bytes)

George and Richie Kmon observe the Dick Melikian Fashion Show

070814GDDickBoothCamera7498.JPG (73510 bytes)

George directs Dick Booth on proper operation of the new and patented Sneezecam.

070814GDJanLessinKenKostek7526.JPG (65086 bytes)

George visits with Jan Lessin and Ken Kostek

070814GDLynnBarsalouMega-StarPose7586.JPG (78237 bytes)

George shows Lynn Barsalou the Official Mega-Star Pose

070814GDKoziol7509.JPG (76404 bytes)

George with Jolly Joe Koziol

070814GDRichKoszewskiKoziolCamera7569.JPG (58938 bytes)

George with Rich Koszewski and Joe Koziol

George discovers that Joe Koziol also has a new and patented Sneezecam.

070814KenMoreyLastSupperII7474.JPG (75433 bytes)

Ken Morey's Famous Last Supper 2. Next year we will present Last Supper 3.

070814AlLehmann7575.JPG (59165 bytes)

Audio Engineer Al Lehmann

070814AlLehmann7612.JPG (63835 bytes)

070814AlNoble7507.JPG (76322 bytes)

Grammy Award Winning Al Noble

070814BarbaraHeissler7576.JPG (67938 bytes)

Barbara Heissler

070814BillKoszewski7524.JPG (65335 bytes)

Bill Koszewski

070814BillRichKoszewski7477.JPG (77743 bytes)

Bill and Rich Koszewski

070814CalMcClain7573.JPG (64487 bytes)

070814CalMcClain7574.JPG (65594 bytes)

Radio Engineer Cal McClain

070814CataniaJerryBarsalou7465.JPG (61611 bytes)

Jerry Barsalou

070814CataniaJerryBarsalou7470.JPG (58782 bytes)

Charlie Catania

070814CataniaJerryBarsalouJBapriste7476.JPG (62324 bytes)

Charlie Catania, Jerry Barsalou and Joe Baptiste

070814CharlieCatania7514.JPG (58731 bytes)

Charlie Catania

070814Dascanio7479.JPG (93286 bytes)

Jim Dascanio

070814Dascanio7522.JPG (79015 bytes)

070814DickBooth7533.JPG (69011 bytes)

Dick Booth

070814DickBoothCamera7500.JPG (52188 bytes)

Dick Booth studies his camera.

070814DickMelikian7584.JPG (66388 bytes)

Business Agent Dick Melikian

070814DickPAriseau7472.JPG (76988 bytes)

Dick Pariseau

070814DickPariseau7504.JPG (73335 bytes)

070814DickPariseauLynnJerryBarsalou7512.JPG (79955 bytes)

Dick Pariseau, Jerry and Lynn Barsalou

070814FrankKnight7565.JPG (62178 bytes)

Frank Knight discloses his undercover broadcasting information.

070814RayHershelFrankKnight7564.jpg (79790 bytes)

070814FrankKnightLynnBarsalou7546.jpg (62124 bytes)

Frank Knight and Lynn Barsalou

070814FrankKnightMitchKupiec7600.JPG (83803 bytes)

Frank Knight and Mitch Kupiec

070814FrankKnightPhilGreco7487.JPG (67522 bytes)

Frank Knight and Phil Greco

070814GDGroup7599.JPG (62324 bytes)

George with Butch Bouchard, Carl Montefusco and Walter Gonet

070814JBaptiste7523.JPG (57778 bytes)

Joe Baptiste

070814JBaptisteBillKoszewski7517.JPG (77412 bytes)

Joe Baptiste and Bill Koszewski

070814JerryBarsalou7528.JPG (61805 bytes)

Jerry Barsalou

070814JerryBarsalouBarbaraHeissler7623.JPG (58053 bytes)

Jerry Barsalou and Barbara Heissler

070814JerryBarsalouMattLucier7559.JPG (64530 bytes)

Jerry Barsalou gets good luck from Matt Lucier

070814JerryBarsalouMelikian7510.JPG (59994 bytes)

Jerry Barsalou and Dick Melikian

070814KenKostek7518.JPG (78712 bytes)

Photographer Ken Kostek

070814KenKostekAlNobleGroup7505.JPG (81550 bytes)

070814KenMorey7579.JPG (62268 bytes)

The Lone Arranger Ken Morey

070814KenMorey7580.JPG (65362 bytes)

070814KenMorey7583.JPG (59536 bytes)

070814KenMoreyFoodCart7537.JPG (70561 bytes)

Ken Morey and his desert cart.

070814KmonBillKoszewski7601.JPG (85134 bytes)

Richie Kmon and Bill Koszewski

070814KmonBillKoszewski7626.JPG (73230 bytes)

070814KmonBillKoszewski7591.JPG (81631 bytes)

070814KmonBillKoszewskiMelikian7592.JPG (70701 bytes)

Richie Kmon, Bill Koszewski and Dick Melikian

070814Koziol7521.JPG (58815 bytes)

Jolly Joe Koziol

070814Koziol7589.JPG (60953 bytes)

070814KoziolDascanio7520.JPG (77367 bytes)

Jolly Joe Koziol and Jim Dascanio

070814KoziolMitchKupiec7484.JPG (47326 bytes)

Jolly Joe Koziol and Mitch Kupiec

070814LunchGroup7499.JPG (54091 bytes)

070814LynnBarsalou7513.JPG (74311 bytes)

Singer/Songwriter Lynn Barsalou

070814MattLucierJanLessin7466.JPG (67981 bytes)

Matt Lucier and Jan Lessin

070814MichaelLevreaultRayHershel7547.jpg (60621 bytes)

Michael Levreault and News Anchor Ray Hershel

070814Midura7628.JPG (59219 bytes)

The World's Greatest Clarinet Player Richie Midura

070814MiduraJBaptiste7471.JPG (70953 bytes)

Richie Midura and Joe Baptiste

070814MiduraRichKoszewski7481.JPG (60840 bytes)

Richie Midura and Richie Koszewski

070814MiduraRichKoszewski7525.JPG (74654 bytes)

070814MiduraRichKoszewskiJBaptisteBillKoszewski7508.JPG (83558 bytes)

Richie Midura, Rich Koszewski, Joe Baptiste and Bill Koszewski

070814MikeWiater7482.JPG (66327 bytes)

Mike Wiater

070814MikeWiater7495.JPG (63544 bytes)

070814MitchKupiec7503.JPG (77806 bytes)

Radio Host Mitch Kupiec

070814MusicSection7577.JPG (70090 bytes)

070814PhilD7540.JPG (68085 bytes)

Radio Legend Phil D

070814PhilDRayHershel7588.JPG (65399 bytes)

070814PhilGreco7468.JPG (49957 bytes)

Phil Greco

070814PhilGreco7511.JPG (52540 bytes)

070814PhilGreco7608.jpg (53000 bytes)

070814RayHershelCrew7553.JPG (75310 bytes)

070814RichKoszewski7627.JPG (67308 bytes)

Rich Koszewski

070814SteveTracy7469.JPG (73791 bytes)

Steve Tracy

070814SteveTracy7527.JPG (62301 bytes)

070814SteveTracyCalMcClain7629.JPG (69346 bytes)

Steve Tracy and Cal McClain

070814WallyGonet7625.JPG (55214 bytes)

Wally Gonet enjoys desert.

070814WallyGonetDickBooth7534.JPG (70509 bytes)

Wally Gonet and Dick Booth

070814WalterKieszekKmonKenMorey7519.JPG (89830 bytes)

Walter Kieszek, Richie Kmon and Ken Morey


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