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George Having a Festive Old Fashioned Mountain Christmas

Prime Time Christmas Show Featuring: The Princess - Zaskey Christmas Tree Farm - Christmas Caroling with Lenny Gomulka, Ted Nowak & Mitch Biskup "Prime Time" (1993)

A Special Reindeer Merry Christmas

Why you should be extremely careful when taking Christmas pictures with The Princess, Carolyn Lee!

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George at the @NcCasar Casar NC Mountain Christmas Parade

George Getting a Special Christmas Cannon for Christmas

George Relaxing in the Secret Christmas Garden at Lake Lure

George at Santa’s Water Tower at Chimney Rock

George - Sending You Extra Special Magic Spells for a Magical Mega-Star Christmas!

George - Christmas at Hollywood Studios

George - Christmas at Animal Kingdom

George - Christmas at EPCOT

Have a Magical Mega-Star Christmas

George Frozen for Christmas

George – Christmas at Disney

George Happy to be Spending Christmas in Florida at EPCOT

George Wreaking Havoc while Helping with the Christmas Decorations in Italy

George Singing “I’ll be Framed for Christmas” – It’s just like a Festival!

George Creating a Little Extra Christmas Magic at EPCOT

George at Disney - where Flying Characters Magically Help Adjust my Hairpiece

George – Christmas at EPCOT

George – Christmas in Italy

George – Christmas at EPCOT

George Having an Inside Out Christmas at EPCOT

George Framed with the Animals for Christmas

George – Christmas at Animal Kingdom

George – Christmas at Animal Kingdom

George Practicing a few more Magic Spells for Christmas

George and DeVaughn Slone Visiting after a Chinese Lunch in Gainesville FL

George Performing a Little Extra Christmas Magic at Disney

George – Christmas Havoc at EPCOT

George Visiting with the Night Stalking Snowman

George - Christmas at Disney

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Have a Mega Florida festive Christmas! Looks like I sat on my Christmas tree again.

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George visiting with Jim Kaveney after lunch at the Hard Rock Casino, Tampa FL

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Have a Grand (Canyon) Mega-Star Christmas

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Have a Magical, Festive Mega-Star Christmas

Wishing you a warm and snow free Mega-Star Christmas!

Have an Extra Special Mega-Star Christmas

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The Mega-Star at Radio City Music Hall

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The Mega-Star visiting with good friend and musician Richie Kmon

Have an Overly Mega-Festive Mega-Star Christmas!

George at the Christmas Festivities, Forest City, NC

Wishing You a Mega-Festive Mega-Star Christmas!

George visits The Official Christmas Fire Hydrant, Hendersonville, NC

George and Dad visit Asheville, NC

George has snow in South Carolina. Global Warming strikes again!

George Invades with the Pirates

"I just love being a pirate." - Brownie Macintosh

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The Entertainers Christmas Jukebox

The Entertainers "The Christmas Song LIVE" (1987)

The Entertainers "Old Fashioned Christmas"

The Entertainers Perform Their Exclusive Version Of "Jingle Bells"

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George Dorunda

"International Multi-Media Mega-Star"

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